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Watch now: TA Live Spotlight on Cancer and Prevention

Don’t miss the latest episode of TA Live! According to the CDC, approximately 39.5% of all men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. While the odds are daunting, new research and science offers us all hope in the fight against cancer. February is National Cancer Prevention Month and we’re teaming up with leading geriatric oncologist and researcher Dr. Efrat Dotan of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia to bring you the latest breakthroughs, challenges, risk factors, screenings, and prevention methods to take charge of your health. Dr. Dotan is renowned for her research studying nutrition and the unique complexities of cancer diagnosis’ in older adults. Over half of all cancer diagnosis occur in adults over 651, yet most cancer research is conducted among younger adults. Don’t miss this priceless opportunity to learn cutting-edge science that could change your life, hosted by President & CEO Torsten Hirche!