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Watch Now! TA Live: Sustainable Transformations for a Net Zero Future

It’s our responsibility to create a sustainable future for our planet. In this latest episode of TA Live, we hear from three influential leaders who are reshaping the landscape of sustainability and exploring innovative solutions for achieving net-zero emissions and a healthier environment.  Hear from Sonia Lo, President and CEO of Unfold, about the immense potential to revolutionize sustainable agriculture through indoor vertical growing operations and superior seeds.  Bethany Madsen, LEED certified architect and a principal at VIA, helps us understand how well-executed design solutions can have a positive impact on the environment and make our urban centers more livable and desirable.  Nathan Miller, an Energy Analyst and Mechanical Engineer at Rushing Consulting provides energy saving strategies and his findings from collaborating on the Living Building Challenge. If you missed this latest episode of TA Live, check out the recorded version of this eye-opening panel discussion and do your part to help make an impact.